Rebecca Crockett Chapter, NSDAR

Gainesville, Texas
Organized June 25, 1903

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  • National Motto: God, Home, and Country

  • National Theme: Stars and Stripes Forever!

  • Texas State Theme: Answering the call to serve, with many & varied gifts.

We welcome you to Cooke County, Texas, where you will find Gainesville, home of The Medal of Honor Host City. The Rebecca Crockett Chapter of the National Society Daughters of American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR) was founded in June 1903 and has celebrated it's 116th birthday! We work to achieve our goals of historic preservation, education, and patriotism. We honor all veterans-both past and present. We are a vibrant and growing chapter. We are involved in many projects and activities. Our members range from age 18 to over 90 years old. Read more to see what we are all about!

Chapter History

Rebecca Crockett Chapter, NSDAR, is a women's service organization dedicated to promoting historic preservation, education, patriotism, and honoring the Patriots of the Revolutionary War. Founded June 25, 1903, 12 descendants of Revolutionary Patriots met in the Gainesville home of Mrs. Susan Bosson, Organizing Regent, to form a new chapter.

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More About Rebecca Crockett

Our chapter was named after Rebecca Hawkins Crockett. She was born in Baltimore County, Maryland in 1756. She married John Crockett who was born in Ireland or on a passage from that country to America. He was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War and fought at King's Mountain against the British and the Tories. They lived in North Carolina, but later moved to East Tennessee where David Crockett, the hero of the Alamo, was born. Rebecca Crockett was a brave woman and suffered many hardships during the trying time of the American Revolutionary War. She was living with a daughter at the time of her death in 1780 and was buried in the Tyson family cemetery. Her remains were later moved to Rutherford, Tennessee and buried next to a replica of David Crockett's last home. We are unsure as to why her name was chosen. The chapter continues to have members who are descended from John Crockett.

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Calendar of Events 2023-2024

Our chapter meets the second Saturday of each month, September through May at 9:30 a.m. Programs for the coming year are listed:

Other Activities

  • Celbrated 120th Anniversary as a chapter
  • Watercolor classes to raise money for our Good Citizen's Scholarships
  • Day of Service - clean headstones at a local cemetery
  • Supporting five cemeteries for Wreaths Across America
  • Patricipant in Medal of Honor Parade honoring all Veterans
  • Provide snacks to the Clyde Cosper Veterans Home in Bonham
  • Christmas gifts to area nursing home for supplies needed by residents
  • Contribute baby blankets for newborns in Germany through the Palatine Chapter, NSDAR
  • Present the DAR Outstanding Cadet Medal for outstanding ability and achievement
  • Host a Veterans Appreciation Picnic
  • Host a hot dog cookout for Veterans at the Clyde Cosper Veterans Home

Projects and Activities

Today, we continue with our goals of historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Every year DAR members provide millions of hours of service to their communities and nation. Rebecca Crockett Daughters also volunteer their time to many projects and activities that promote our goals.

Chapter members recently attended our annual state conference together, enjoying friendship and learning about the work we have done the past year.

Recognizing the volunteer service of one of our chapter HODARs - we couldn't do it without them!

Three of our chapter members delivering snacks to the Clyde Cosper Veterans Home in Bonham, Texas.

During the Medal of Honor Parade we celebrate veterans from all wars World War II to Afghanistan, having them ride our float each year.

Chapter volunteers about to place flags at veterans' graves for Memorial Day.

Over the years our chapter has placed commemorative monuments in Gainesville:

  • 1908 – a large cannon was placed in Leonard Park which was later donated to scrap metal during World War II.
  • 1924 – a marker for the first oil well drilled in Cooke County.
  • 1928 – a marker for the California Trail on the north side of the courthouse.

Supplies and prepping for our annual hot dog picnic at the Clyde Cosper Veterans Home.

Rebecca Crockett Chapter, NSDAR Gainesville, Texas celebrating 120 years of service.

Chapter Patriots

Each member of our chapter is proud to honor a Patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. If you have a Patriot in your family tree, we would love to have the opportunity to assist you in establishing the proofs necessary to join this great organization. Our chapter members are descended from the following recognized Revolutionary War Patriots:

State Name Service
Connecticut     Huntley, James   Captain
Connecticut   Jewett, Caleb Captain, Patriotic Service
Connecticut   Longwell, Stephen     Private
Connecticut   Rice, John     Captain, Civil Service
Georgia   Easterling, James     Soldier
Georgia   Pound, Reuben     Corporal
Georgia   White, John     Soldier
Georgia   Williamson, John     Private
Massachusetts     Brewer, Charles     Private
Massachusetts     Clapp, Daniel     Private
Massachusetts     Maxey, Benjamin     Lieutenant
Massachusetts     Nutting, Isaac     Private
Maryland     Glisson, Thomas     Private
Maryland     Nutting, Isaac     Private
Maryland     Thomas, Samuel     Patriotic Service
New York     Calkins, John     Private
New York     Cary, Nathaniel     Ensign, Patriotic Service
New York     Elliot, Benjamin     Captain
North Carolina     Cheshire, John     Private
North Carolina     Crockett, John     Soldier, Civil Service
North Carolina     Crowson, William     Private
North Carolina     Dickens, Robert     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     English, William     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Fulbright, John William     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Gammon, Smith     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Harlan, Aaron     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Harris, Robert     Civil Service, Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Holman, Isaac     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Howard, John     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Nelson, Elisha     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Palmer, Jesse     Private
North Carolina     Rice, John     Soldier
North Carolina     Robinson, William     Private
North Carolina     Singletary, Ithamar     Private
North Carolina     Tyson, Abraham     Patriotic Service
North Carolina     Wester, Fulgam     Patriotic Service
Pennsylvania     Edgar, John     Private
Pennsylvania     Leasure, Frederick     Private, Patriotic Service
Rhode Island     Comstock, William     Lieutenant
South Carolina     Arnold, Thomas     Private
South Carolina     Austin, Sr, Nathaniel     Captain, Patriotic Service
South Carolina     Austin, Nathaniel     Non-commissioned Officer, Patriotic Service
South Carolina     Easterling, Henry     Patriotic Service
South Carolina     Harrison, James     Private, Patriotic Service
South Carolina     Holland, Basil     Sergeant
South Carolina     Howard, John     Private
South Carolina     Reitlehover, Geroge Michael     Patriotic Service
South Carolina     Lyon, Joseph Emanuel     Private
Virginia     Allen, Moses     Sergeant
Virginia     Askew, Anthonys     Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Virginia     Bashaw, Peter     Private
Virginia     Brigham, James     Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Virginia     Bullington, Robert     Lieutenant
Virginia     Chewning, Samuel     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Clark, Christopher     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Connelly, George     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Dandridge, William     Colonel
Virginia     Durrett, Joel     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Elzey, Lewis     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Garvey, Job     Private
Virginia     Hawkins, Nathaniel     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Henry, Patrick     Colonel, Patriotic Service
Virginia     Hooper, Richard B.     Sergeant, Patriotic Service
Virginia     Key, Tandy     Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Virginia     Largent, James     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Lewis, Fielding     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Mayfield, Elijah     Private, Patriotic Service
Virginia     Nelson, Thomas     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Rector, Henry     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Ringo, Burtis     Sergeant, Patriotic Service
Virginia     Schooler, John     Patriotic Service
Virginia     See, John     Private
Virginia     Tipton, John     Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Virginia     Turner, Fielding     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Turner, William     Patriotic Service
Virginia     Washington, Mary Ball     Patriotic Service

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